Joshua Tree National Park Closures and Social Media: This Sucks!

Parts of the Joshua Tree National Park have been closed due to vandalism in both canyons and to some archaeological sites. The Inquisitr has more:

In addition to allowing park workers time to repair some of the damage, the Joshua Tree closures will give them an opportunity to investigate the crime. The park officials strongly suspect the vandals are involved in a social media campaign which involves sharing photos of their graffiti on Facebook.

However, they haven’t revealed if they’re looking at specific Facebook pages or if they have any leads on specific criminals. They did ask if you see something to report it to park workers.

Yeah, you read that right vandals are, possibly, sharing pictures of their destruction via social media. I can’t imagine what there is in these acts of destruction that would be worth bragging about via Facebook, but, in the words of Vonnegut “Here we are, trapped in the amber of the moment. There is no why.”

Mississippian Era Suburb of Cahokia

I think I have written a post about this story before, but after almost 3,000 posts I’ll be damned if I can find it in my archives. At any rate, NPR has an interesting article (there is a link where you can listen to an audio version as well) on a Mississippian era suburb of Cahokia. The site was discovered during the ongoing construction of a new bridge. Continue reading

Another Take on Blair Mountain

I have written several posts on the subject of Blair Mountain. Middle Savagery provides an interesting look at the subject.

I also urge you to support The Friends of Blair Mountain and help prevent this hsitoric area from being strip-mined.

Blair Mountain Update

About a month ago I mentioned that the National Park Service had made a horrible decision to delist Blair Mountain from the National Register of Historic Places. They are now being sued: Continue reading

Shame on the National Park Service: Will Blair Mountain Be Strip-Mined?

The National Park Service has made a horrible decision on Blair Mountain. The mountain was the scene of a battle between coal miners, coal companies and the government. The L. A. Times describes the National Park Service’s horrible decision on Blair Mountain:
Continue reading

Teh Rawk Returns!

Remembr dis and dis? Well, teh Rawk saga continuez! In dis episode basement kittehs ebil minions suffr defeat an has 2 giv teh Rawk back to Kentucky! Continue reading

Hush-hush Archaeology: An Update

The other day I wrote about a fascinating piece of salvage archaeology. Via Southwest Archaeology today I learned that there is an update/correction to the story:

Continue reading


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