Why does American Airlines Hate America?

I was watching KPLR (Ch. 11) last night and they did a story on a National Guardsman (I think his name was James Ditter, but I may not have heard correctly)who returned home from Iraq only to find that he had lost his job as an airline mechanic for American Airlines. American Airlines claims they had a contract with the union to lay people off based on seniority, so they really had no other choice but to lay off the National Guardsman. Even though laying off someone on active duty is against the law!

I have checked KPLR’s website but they don’t mention the story. During the story it was mentioned that Charlie Brenann of KMOX radio had done a story on it, but I couldn’t find any mention on Kmox’s website. I also checked the Post-Dispatch and Kmov’s websites to no avail.

If the story is true I think it is really heinous. After serving in Iraq and risking his life every day he has to come home and be unemployed. I can’t imagine how horrific war is and it it has to bee tough leaving that kind of situation and trying to go back to a normal life. It is even worse when you come home to no job. This is just not right!

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  1. Yes, it’s true. You got the name correct. James lives in a north St. Louis suberb w/ wife and kids.

  2. How is he doing now? I know at the time he had received several job offers. I sincerely hope he and his family is doing okay!

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