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Evolving ThoughtsChristian math

This is fun: American school redefines mathematical paradigm [The Rockall Times].

School principal Joel Riedel explained to The Rockall Times: “As Christians we believe in the concept of the Trinity and this implies that the numbers one and three are equivalent. So technically, if you add one and one together you’re actually adding three and three, and when you do that… well, you do the math!”

I especially liked the rejection of zero as an Islamic plot. It lacks a pinch of something, though…

As I pointed out in an earlier post this is the kind of thing that happens when you start redefining science. 1+1 really equals 3+3 sure will make solving those differential equations a snap. Lets not forget how much it will simplify orbital mechanics for going to Mars. “Ground control to Major Tom… ” you’ve missed Mars by millions of miles cause 1+1 really equals 2 not 6… (with apologies to David Bowie)!

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