Friday night there was a story on the news about a double homicide, the murder was spoted, chased and died in a car crash. Saturday we found out the real story. It seems there was a divorce and a custody dispute. The-male- reporter for KMOV said something to the effect that no one had ever seen the murderer threaten any one with a gun before, as if this made things more shocking. Depite the fact that a number of people had witnessed the man physically abusing his children. A larger number had witnessed him abusing his wife, but hey, no one had seen him threaten people with a gun! This kinda of statement is why I really don’t watch the news anymore (well, that and the fact that Peter Jennings has been reduced to doing stories about UFO’s). Accordint to this story on the man was politically connected. One wonders if this is why he was running around free instead of being locked up like he should have been.

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