Imax: Part VII

I still have not heard back from these people:

at the St. Louis Science Center. Has anybody else heard from them?

A great article on creationism

Via The Panda’s Thumb this is an excellent read .

An excerpt to hold you over till you get there:

“The backlash against the theory of evolution (and the teaching of it) resonated not only with religious fundamentalists, but also with political and economic populists. Faced with the near impossibility of changing economic and political power structures, many turned their attention to the alleged evils of a secular society.”


“As we follow in the months ahead what is being called the Scopes II trial out of the Dover Area School District, it will be worth our while to consider why we’re at it again, what other parallels we might draw between the Gilded Age and today, and whose interests are really being served here.”


I’m currently working on a large post for this weekend concerning the cranial anatomy of chimps, gorillas, orangs, and afarensis so blogging will be light the next couple of days. I will have several posts for Friday “critter” blogging though.

BLOGGER weirdness

Anybody know what’s wrong with blogger? It’s acting really weird!

Added later:Apparently whatever was ailing blogging has been cleared up.

A Systematic Classification of Creationists!

This is hysterical – at Evolving Thoughts! Laughing too hard! Can’t type more.

Some Politics

Today Blunt did the “Let’s cap medical malpractice awards” thing. Want’s limits of around $300,000 – not that it would be enough to pay for anybody’s care for more than a few minutes.
(ADDED LATER): Kevin Drum has a link to this interesting study of Texas malpractice awards.

On an unrelated note, back around christmas time there were a bunch of stories about the atack on christmas and about how evil the ACLU is for attacking religion. Here is a link to what the ACLU really thinks about religion!

Heritage Foundation goes Creationist

Dembskiism comes to the “illustrious” Heritage Foundation! One of the more prestigious conservative think tanks is sponsoring a lecture given by Stephen Meyer. I guess they will be sponsoring lectures by the Flat Earth Society next. Sooner or later, the conservatives will run out of christian fundamentalists groups to pander to. The question is, will it be before or after we become a third world country?