In Memorium: Hans Bethe

‘It is the most wonderful feeling when you come to a real answer. This is it, and this is correct! In science, you know you know.’
— Hans Bethe
From a 1996 interview

According to today’s Post-Dispatch, Nobel Prize winning physicist Hans Bethe passed away. He was 98. Bethe was known for his work on the Manhattan Project and for discovering the atomic workings of the sun. He also made significant contributions to the Big Bang theory. His Alpha, Beta, Gamma paper (after Ralph Alpha, Hans Bethe and George Gammow), for example was a significant contribution to the literature. The Post-Dispatch mentions that he made a “significant” discovery every decade. He also still used a slide rule ( I own four myself) that he had had for 70 years. Go to Hans Bethe for more details.

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  1. Actually, the authors of the paper were George Gammow and Ralph Alfven, and Bethe was asked to join just for his name. Not to say that Hans Bethe hasn’t made contributions.

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