Eschaton: Part II

Here in Missouri the Republicans have been busy as well. On Medicaid:
“In many areas, the bill reduces Missouri’s program to the minimal levels required by federal law. The elderly and disabled could earn no more than 74 percent of the poverty level, or $579 a month for a single person. They currently qualify if they earn no more than the poverty level. ” Go here and here for details on medicaid.

On the malpractice front we have the following:
“The thrust of both bills is to reduce the amount of money paid to people who are injured. The bill overhauling the civil justice system would:
Reduce the maximum that could be recovered for pain and suffering to $350,000 from $579,000. The cost-of-living adjustment made to the cap every year is also eliminated.
Require that damage claims be filed in the county where the accident occurred.
Limit punitive damages to $500,000 or five times the amount of actual damages, whichever is greater. Currently there is no limit.
The bill also extends these protections to nursing homes. Lawsuits involving other types of accidents, like automobile collisions and claims about defective products, are also covered by parts of the bill.” Go here for more details.
To me the bottom line is that if you are going to talk about valuing the “Culture of Life” you should not then turn around and pass laws that make it impossible for people to live up to those values. In this case the republicans are exploiting a tragedy for politcal ambition.

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