Friday Fairy Armadillo Blogging

The earliest example of armadillos occured in the Eocene and they diversified in the Miocene. Currently armadillos comprise 21 species divided into eight genera. The most elusive and poorly known species is Chlamyphorus truncatus (pictured below). They are also known as fairy armadillos. Fairy armadillos are small, weighing perhaps 120 grams. They feed on ants, worms, snails and roots.

Fairy Armadillo Posted by Hello

Fairy armadillo 2 Posted by Hello

armadillo Posted by Hello

For more info go here, here, here, here and here.


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  1. How ABSOLUTELY cool! The creature is just amazing.

  2. Yes they are. I didn’t mention in the post, but they live underground like moles. It’s the soft, white fur, which you don’t expect to see on an armadillo that does it for me. Next time someone tells you armadillos arn’t cute you can show them this.

  3. That is an exceptionally interesting looking critter. I imagine they are exceedyingly rare.

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