I received an email from the Ft. Worth Museum of Science and History today. They have reversed their decision not to show the Volcanoes movie. Their letter read, in part:

“We want to ensure that you know the Museum supports the position that evolution is a major unifying concept of science. We use scientific evidence in our wide-ranging presentations and interpretations of how life has changed over time.”

Since, they did reverse their decision, I wrote them a letter thanking them. I feel that it is important to support them for, belatedly, coming to the right decision.


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  1. Thanks for spreading the good news, Afarensis. Here in Fort Worth, several of us let the Museum know they had damaged our city’s reputation by their initial decision not to show the film. After a deluge of irate letters to the editor of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram from supporters of science, the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History decided to show the film. I also received the museum’s email response in which they voiced support for evolution and decided to show the film “Volcanoes of the Deep Sea”. I expressed my thanks to them by purchasing a museum membership that will let me take plenty of friends (4 at a time) with me to see the film when it airs.

  2. I can’t take all the credit, The Panda’s Thumb wrote the first story and has been folling the issue as has Red State Rabble. That is a good idea, however, if I can get the science center her to show the film I will check into to getting a membership. Worth passing the idea along.

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