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Today Blunt did the “Let’s cap medical malpractice awards” thing. Want’s limits of around $300,000 – not that it would be enough to pay for anybody’s care for more than a few minutes.
(ADDED LATER): Kevin Drum has a link to this interesting study of Texas malpractice awards.

On an unrelated note, back around christmas time there were a bunch of stories about the atack on christmas and about how evil the ACLU is for attacking religion. Here is a link to what the ACLU really thinks about religion!

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  1. I’m not happy about the cap. I do believe juries are out of control sometimes and the amounts these lawsuits run to are over much, sometimes, but I don’t believe the right to sue for more than 300,000 should be taken away from the people. This is going to stop companies from being sincere toward the dangers they can cause people. (I can’t think of the proper words right now! Brain is kinda fuzzy right now.)

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