I feel Silly, Oh so Silly

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Because I Feel Silly

Quick somebody stop me before I paraphrase more of “I feel Pretty”!!!


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  1. Opus is great. I guess one would feel silly and happy because SPRING is here!

  2. Bloom County was, and is , my favorite comic strip. I have most of the books, so I can periodically laugh myself silly.
    Concerning spring, I can’t wait for sailing season to start.

  3. Laughing oneself silly. I feel the same way about Bill Waterson’s creation – (it’s late and I can’t think of the name of the comic strip – the kid with the fake tiger).
    Also, love Bill the Cat from “Bloom County” & “Opus”.

  4. “Calvin and Hobbes”. I thought of it, right after I shut my computer down.

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