Helping Red State Rabble and Thoughts From Kansas

I know this isn’t much but this is what I have been able to find on the following people:

Daniel Ely: agrression research
his role in Ohio creationism
Ohio creationism also .
On Edward Peltzer III
From ARN gives lectures on creationism academic work

On Nancy Bryson:
asked to resign saying Darwinism violates laws of thermodynamics Seems to be ID’s poster child for academic freedom.

Ralph Seelke:
Paper presented to Christian Scholarship Conference , home page at the U of Wisconsin Seems to be king of the discussion boards. A search on his name and creationism turned up a bunch of boards he posts on.

John Millam:
Actually it’s the guy with the degree from Rice discussing the star of Bethleham, maybe a six day creationist here as well .

Russell Carlson:
on Behe , homepage , ISCID profile, ARN press release, and involvement in Georgia school book disclaimer case.

Hope it helps them.

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