Culture of Life Claims 100,000

Today the Missouri House passed cuts that eliminate 100,000 people from Medicaid. This up about 10,000 from previous estimates. I don’t guess they would be able to pay for all the state tax cuts they are proposing unless they take money away from those who actually need it.

On a related note, we have this from Eschaton :

Participants at this week’s Judeo-Christian Council for Constitutional Restoration meeting said the group also will focus on forcing Congress to begin impeachment proceedings against any judge who does not conform with their biblically based interpretation of the Constitution, as well as permanently curb judicial authority over matters of church and state, marriage and governmental acknowledgement of a Christian deity. (emphasis mine-afarensis)
“What it is time to do is impeach justices,” Texas Justice Foundation President Allan Parker extolled a crowd of a hundred or so conservative lobbyists, attorneys and activists. “The standard should be any judge who believes in the ‘living constitution’ should be impeached.”

So, apparently the “Culture of Life” doesn’t believe in the constitution, the rule of law, or checks and balances in the government (one of the founding principles of this country). I was always taught that the legislative branch made the laws, the administrative branch enforced the laws and the the judicial branch interpreted the laws. Yet here we have a bunch of people who want to impeach judges for daring to have a mind of their own and for not thinking like a christian extremist. Who’s next?


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  1. Isn’t it awful? I worry about the people who will be without in the future.

  2. I worry about them to. It is a sad day when you make it so that 100,000 people can’t go to the doctor and get the healthcare they need

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