Basilosaurus isis: or ‘Does Phillip Johnson Know About This”

In my post on the oviraptisaurian I had mentioned that I was starting to feel sorry for the creationists. At least one of the people commenting on that post thought I was being silly. Well, it’s happening again. Philip Gingerich (who has also done some good work on early primate origins, oh, and he is NOT related to Newt)and his team have uncovered a nearly complete Basilosaurus isis. Previously, remains of Basilosaurus had been found (for those of you who are unfamiliar with whales Basilosaurus is one of the first oceangoing species. It still has legs and does not have a blowhole) but none are as complete as the one recently found.

Basilosaurus isis Posted by Hello

You can go to National Geographic News or Yahoo News for more info. You can also go to Philip Gingerich’s site which has a good overview of whale evolution. It also has some free .pdf’s of some of his papers so I’ll be checking it out more thouroughly! When I saw the above picture I had this mental image of Phillip Johnson lip sinking “Poor, Poor Pitiful Me” in my head – but that could be the medication.
So the proof just keeps piling up on the poor creationists. One step at a time, bit by small bit -which is how science works really, until the evidence becomes overwhelming.

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  1. glad you’re back! Nice article.

  2. Thanks! Glad to be back!

  3. Nice post – good picture. By the way, it was just the medication talking. That fella probably has all sorts of excuses for the facts.

  4. Any time one gets a mental picture of Philip Johnson singing old Linda Rondstadt tunes ones does, immediately, suspect it was the medication!

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