To Qoute The Who “I am Free”

Hi everybody,
I have finally been sprung from the hospital! As Mrs. afarensis informed you on Friday, I have been held, webless, for several days. I had a lump on my forehead, later diagnosed as a keritinaceous cyst, which became infected with aome form of staph along about thursday of last week. Managed to get a doctors appointment on Friday and was promptly admitted to the hospital. It was very primitive – no internet, no cable, just network tv. Fortunately I was brought several books (Genetics and the Evolutionary Procees by Dobzhansky and New Directions in Ecological Physiology by Feder- a really interesting book, I highly recommend it) in a care package (which also contained a large supply of milk duds and tootsie rolls -along with the perpetual supply of coffee my wife brought me kept me alive and sane). The downside was that my eyes were kind of swollen so I could only read for a short time. I was almost reduced to listening to the Revelations Miniseries (hey, I was really desparete for something to do). Even worse, I had a IV unit that plugghed into to the wall so I couldn’t sneak around the hospital at night. One of the big questions in Forensic Anthropology (which is what I was specializing in in college) is how soft tissue disease and what not affect the skeleton. Usually, unless the skeleton is directly involved in a disease process skeletal affects are considered incidental. I had been planning to sneek into radiology and take a cat scan of my skull to find out how all the gook from the staph infection affected my frontal bone – maybe some x-rays too – but I was foiled by an electrical cord. Dang it!
Fortunately, my hospital did not practice faith based medicine – the only laying of hands occured when the plastic surgeon lanced the cyst and squeezed all the gook out of it. Which is, of course, why I survived to blog about it! I was supposed to be set free this morning but they lost the orders saying I could go home – result is I didn’t get home until about 6:00 St. Louis time. What really sucks is they didn’t even give me any time off work to recuperate so it’s back to the salt mines tomorrow.
Thanks to all who wrote to express concern. Those of you who had questions, I will try to get them answered in the next few days as time permits.

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  1. Whew. You had quite an experience. Welcome back. We’re so glad that you are well and blogging.

  2. Whew. You had quite an experience. Welcome back. We’re so glad that you are well and blogging.

  3. Afarensis – good to see you back. What fun in the hospital. At least it’s over and you’re home. Yay!

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