Looks Like I’ll Be Walking Soon

Congress will require 4 ID’s to get a drivers license .

Congress is on the verge of passing a plan that could discourage illegal immigration by requiring applicants for state-issued driver’s licenses — roughly 70 million people a year — to produce four types of identification at motor vehicle offices.
Most who apply for new licenses — and presumably, those seeking renewals — would have to prove that they are in the USA legally, document their Social Security number and home address, and show a photo ID. Motor vehicle department employees then would have to verify the documents with federal databases, a potentially lengthy process that could mean an end to same-day license renewals.

How many people can produce four ID’s? I know I couldn’t.

The Congressional Budget Office says it would cost states $100 million over five years. The act’s author, Rep. James Sensenbrenner, R-Wis., says, “If somebody has to stand in line a few minutes more (for a license), that’s a small price to pay than having thousands or tens of thousands of people die in a terrorist attack.”

In other words, another unfunded mandate. This time to invade your privacy, cause hey, 9/11 changed everything and proved big brother wathing you ain’t so bad after all. To qoute Spirit “1984 knocking at your door, will you let it in…?”

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  1. How many people can produce four ID’s? I know I couldn’t.

    Think they’ll accept an old, out of state driver’s license as one of the IDs? :^)

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