Bias in the Kansas Educational Board Hearings

According to this article board members have not bothered to read the evolution friendly materials submitted.

As a State Board of Education subcommittee heard more testimony Friday on how evolution should be taught in Kansas classrooms, one member acknowledged that she hadn’t read all of an evolution-friendly draft of science standards proposed by educators.

Kathy Martin of Clay Center made the comment while attempting to reassure a witness who said he hadn’t read the entire proposal, just parts of it. Russell Carlson, a biochemistry and molecular biology professor at the University of Georgia, said he had reviewed an alternate proposal from intelligent design advocates.

“I’ve not read it word for word myself,” Martin said of the other proposal, eliciting groans of disbelief from a few members of the audience.

I’m glad she’s not on my school board. Clearly, if it were about creating the best academic standards possible, she would have read the proposal. Instead it is about pushing religious views on a captive audience (school children). Which does not, of course, require that one actually read anything.

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