Idle Thoughts II: or Ooops I published that last post too soon!

As I have mentioned in several previous posts I am on the look out for more journals for the Evil Darwinian Orthodoxy. It occurs to me that I slighted several disciplines. So let me just say I am looking for for any journal that publishes articles related to evolution (perhaps some of you people at Scripps can send me a list of oceanographic journals?). I know I have several readers that are working scientists…

On a related note I am looking for the following article:

Kimura, Moto 1961 “Natural Selection as the Process of Accumulating Genetic Information in Adaptive Evolution” Genetical Research 2:127-140

I don’t have access to a library that carries Genetical Research so any kind hearted soul who has this article and can email it to me (at would earn eternal kudos (or something). I would definitely appreciate it.


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  1. Computer science journals (with publishers):

    Applied Soft Computing, Elsevier

    Journal of Evolutionary Computing, MIT Press

    IEEE/ACM Transactions on Computational Biology and Bioinformatics

    IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation

    I’m sure there are others; these are just those I’ve heard of.

  2. Cool! Thanks Mike – hadn’t thought of computer science. I’ll add them when I get the chance.

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