Culture of Life Just Keeps Getting Weirder

Blame oldwhitelady for this “Culture of Life” rant! Seems some folks think it’s perfectly okay to “do” anything that is warm, damp and vibrates according to Lab Kat! The story is about Neal Horsley the Republican candidate for governor in Georgia. Apparently, he thinks it is okay to engage in bestiality and post the name of abortion doctors on websites (one doctor has been killed because of it) but gay rights is out? The Southern Poverty Law Center has a good profile on him. You can also go here and here for more info. Sad thing is, this guy will probably get elected! I worry about our country, I really do!

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  1. Weird stuff happening in the US of A.
    Several years ago, I knew some brothers who liked to booze it up. One of them, while drunk, made a claim that they all learned sex from having it with their mother. I don’t know if that was true or not, but I’m sure I raised my eyebrows along with other folks sitting there listening to the guy.

  2. That is weird. As I said I worry about the US.

  3. A president was impeached for improprieties with a consenting adult of the opposite sex in the oval office. Why these outrageous scandals of bestiality, Spokane’s mayor of man-boy love, and the forced anal sex proclivities of David Hager are not being blared from every bullhorn in the country is beyond me. There is something very wrong with our main-stream media. They need to be fired for dereliction of duty.
    I personally think the entire republican party needs to be painted with a very broad brush about this. Their fear and revulsion of their inner perversions are being externalized into law.

  4. I know. The republican party is really schizophrenic. I think they are trying to curb their own impulses but don’t know how. I totally agree with you on the mainstream media. They have totally abdicated their responsibility to inform the american public of what their elected leaders are up to. Basically, the mainstream media have become the US equivalent of PRAVDA and TASS from the bad old days of the “evil empire”

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