ID as Politics

Via Red State Rabble comes this interesting editorial.

A little to tide you over till you get there:

The battleground that I.D. supporters have chosen for their theory – their scientific theory – is political, not scientific, although they deny this. They do not seek the validation of fellow scientists. They seek validation from local and state Boards of Education in culturally conservative states such as Kansas and Ohio. This is preaching to the choir, not gaining converts…
It seems extremely important to the proponents of intelligent design that children are exposed to their theory before the scientific community has accepted even the smallest part of it. No other central scientific theory has ever sought or won approval in this manner.


Intelligent Design is a political movement not a scientific movement. It will continue to find supporters in churches and on school boards, but it will never be considered seriously by the scientific community because the movement refuses to acknowledge any need for acceptance.

This last is really important. ID proponents arn’t aiming any scientific arguements at scientists – there are no experiments coming from ID. There is just enough science in ID to make them look like they know what they are talking about when they are in front of pople with little knowledge of science.

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