Post Darwinist?

From Law Evolution Science and Junk Science comes this amusing quote:

I concluded that Darwinian evolution cannot, on the evidence, be the whole explanation of the history of life on Earth. Clearly, intelligent design was also involved. But because I do not subscribe to any brand of creationism, I call myself a post-Darwinist.

Ummm, wouldn’t Post Darwinist thought be considered the Modern Synthesis? The next logical question after that would be “If you don’t subscibe to any brand of creationism doesn’t that make you a ‘Darwinist’?”

Here is a link to the site in question. The rest of it is pretty haughty.

Having been an editor for many years, I am comfortable exercising divine powers, and rarely even notice the offender’s anger. Many blogs encourage the very trends I deplore, so there is no need to remain in my universe when so many kinder ones beckon.

Post comments by all means, but I suggest this simple self-test first:

“Has it ever occurred to me that even my nearest and dearest find me a thunderous bore?”

Answer: If that thought has never occurred to you, my precious little party sox, be cautious about posting here.

She hasn’t posted since 5/2/05 so apparently she took her own advice and realized she was a “thunderous boar” and by her own criteria couldn’t post anymore and is now knitting precious little party soxs. (I don’t know, I haven’t been sailing since last year – maybe that’s why I’m feeling so snarky).

On a more serious note, this just kind of shows the continued fundie embrace of post modernism. If they really knew what it was about they would avoid it like the plague becuase it totally undermines any straightforward interpretation od the bible. Although I must say, I am suprised at the path post moderism has taken. It blew through anthropology during the mid nineties. I recently spotted a commenter over at the Preposterous Universe (a physics website) offering a post modernist critique of physics (scientific knowledge is dictated by the politics of science) and of course Phillip Johnson has been playing with it (no pun intended) for years. I may have to dust off some of my cultural anthropology and archaeology articles and do a post on it.

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