Happy Anniversery Mrs. Afarensis!

Lovers, Rovers and Songs of Sidhe

We roamed the world over,
She and I , we played the rovers,
I, following fortune,
She, her four leaf clover.

We searched for gold,
and secrets of olden times,
She, with beauty like cathedral chimes,
I, with the hunger to know other minds.

We lay by a stream,
we lay by a brook,
we slept in a ship,
far out on the foamy sea.

Then some siren call,
or song of Sidhe,
lured her beyond the love of me.
We parted,
Her, with sparkles of magic in her mind,
I with the sad fate of being left behind.

We roamed the world over,
She and I, we played the rovers.
I following fortune,
But she, She followed the magic of elven tunes.
We Loved. We parted. Will I follow soon?

Sixteen years and she still loves me. Amazing!

Lovers, Rovers and Songs of Sidhe, Part Two

Come softley, come swiftly, come, come away.
Leave farming, leave trading, come what may.
Sleep softly, wake swiftly, today is a new day.
Leave plowing, leave forestin, come, come away.

The waves break upon the shore,
as I morn for days that are no more.
I see the sun shine,
and far off, I hear something that hints of cathedral chimes.

leave the sea, forsake the sea,
come with us, your destiny,
leave the castle noble lord,
forsake it’s treasure,
sheath it’s bloody sword.

Something calls,
A siren from earlier times,
something calls,
reminding me of cathedral chimes,
Something calls,
A shadow looms,
and calls,
tinkling with elven tunes…

Soft beauty,
You and I,
together once more,
watch the sun rise.

I wrote both of the above poems a long time ago when Mrs. afarensis and I were first dating. I could probably rewrite them into much better poems, but Mrs. afarensis has a sentimental attachment to them (they are her favorites of all the poems I have written for her) so I don’t mess with them.
Oddly enough, I took a creative writing class in college and showed both of them to my teacher – he liked the second one better (I’ve always thought the first was the best) especially the “something calls” part (he thought it was a very intense bit of writing). He didn’t like the fact that the lines numbered 4, 4, 5, 8 and 4 and really strongly encouraged me to rewrite it but I didn’t want to make Mrs. afarensis mad – which I explained to him. He thought I was being silly. But that’s the effect love has on some people.


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  1. Those are so sweet! Happy Anniversary to you both!

  2. Those are so sweet! Happy Anniversary to you both!

  3. Lovely poetry, Afarensis. Isn’t it wonderful when love inspires you to write? I’m with your wife, I wouldn’t change a word. Do you write music? I could almost hear these poems being sung.
    Happy Anniversary.

  4. Thanks, I appreciate the kind words. No I don’t write music although as I was writing them I did have the idea of making them into songs in mind.

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