Intelligent Design and the Evolution of the Eye

As part of their response to Dawkins, ID the Future has the following post Dawkin’s Eye-con of Evolution Unravels. It’s pretty pathetic really.

Dawkin’s says:

“The eye is today a showpiece of the gradual, cumulative evolution of an almost perfect illusion of design. The relevant chapter of my Climbing Mount Improbable is called ‘The fortyfold Path to Enlightenment’ in honour of the fact that, far from being difficult to evolve, the eye has evolved at least 40 times independently around the animal kingdom.”

The Response:

Only someone who does not know, or does not care to know, the myriad problems with eye evolution could make such a claim with a straight face.

Then they provide a link to Belinski totally distorting and misunderstanding research published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. This whole issue has been addressed elswhere.

I would just like to recommend that the folks over at ID the Future read the following three books:

Evolution above the Species Level, B. Rensch
Vertbrate Eye and It’s Adaptive Radiation, G. Walls
Visual System in Vertebrates, Crescikilli

They will straighten you out on all those areas on the evolution of the eye that are confusing you. You might also want to reread the first paragraph of Dawkin’s article.

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  1. Eye evolution? I never thought about it. Wow! It makes perfectly good sense, though.

  2. Funny thing is it’s an argument the ID crowd stole from the creationists!

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