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You may have noticed a section in my links called “Here There be Monsters…” I am actually quite addicted to Monster Movies. I prefer the older ones especially anything staring Boris Karloff, Lon Chaney Jr or Bela Lugosi. I also like anything with Chris Lee (last seen as Saruman)or Peter Cushing (last seen as Darth Vader’s right hand man Grand Moff Tarkin) – anything with Godzilla in it is also good.
I bring this up because yesterday I watched all three Jurassic Park movies and had a couple of thoughts on them – the fact that I just did a longish post on Stegosaurs also factored into it.
There is a tradition in horror movies dating back to 1925’s The Lost World to portray dinosaurs as nothing but killing machines wandering from one killed beast to the next with nary a pause for dinner.
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King Kong continued the tradition. While they are still on Skull Island Kong has to fight off any number of dinosaurs. There is also the scene with the Stegosaurus and the scene with the bronto – umm – apatosaurus (where a large majority of the crew are killed).

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Valley of the Gwanji , made in 1969, continued the trend. Gwanji (I have never quite made up my mind whether it was supposed to be a T-rex or an allosaurus) roamed the valley indiscriminately killing anything that moved.

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In some ways the Jurassic Park movies are a continuation of this trend. Granted the herbivorous dinosaurs are portrayed somewhat realistically, but the carnivores still kill anything that moves – even if it just ate.

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  1. Granted the herbivorous dinosaurs are portrayed somewhat realistically, but the carnivores still kill anything that moves – even if it just ate.

    This actually almost makes sense with the velociraptors in light of the sequels: it’s behavior you could expect from a semi-sentient social organism. And of course in JPIII, there’s that whole (spoiler alert!) detente scene with the egg.

    But yeah, that aspect of the JP ‘saurs bothered me. Of all the meat-eaters I’ve known, none of them would leave something the size of Samuel Jackson’s severed arm laying around – especially if they were still hungry. (Hand a dog a ham sandwich, and he’ll eat the whole thing, and then spend fifteen minutes trying to suck every last crumb out of the carpet.)

  2. Yeah,
    That’s my point. They left Samuel Jackson’s arm to chase Laura Dern (who wouldn’t?) and Bob Peck and the T-rex (I think they would have skulked away when confronted with an animal that size – most predators are prtty could about only attacking animals they can handle. You never see a pride of lions going after elephants.) Given that the velociraptors didn’t kill everyone over the egg, JP III has evolved somewhat over previous installments

  3. Actually that should read “most predators are pretty good about only attacking animals they can handle” not “prtty could”

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