Biology and Machines: Part I

Regular readers of this blog are no doubt aware that ocassionally have a few things to say about intelligent design/creationism. Particularly in regards to the analogy intelligent design advocates make between cells and machines. Here for example. I have been doing research on this with an eye to writing a post examining how well the analogy holds up in protein synthesis (which I mentioned earlier in the week. In the blogosphere, if you procrastinate you get pre-empted. In this case Pharyngula has written an excellent post on the analogy between genes and machines. Normally, when I come across a post similar to one I am thinking about I usually scrap the idea (seems too me too-ish to continue). Especially if the writer says pretty much everything I was planning on saying. After reading PZ Myers post I decided to proceed with mine since I am approaching the issue from a somewhat different angle.

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