Why do I do It?

I was at the grocery store last night and was looking through a rack of discounted items. Stumbled across Shark Attack 3: Megalodon, which is not a sequel to Megalodon. Sucked used kitty litter but I’m a sucker for a shark movie. Maybe there is a twelve step program I can sign up for. Give you an idea of how bad it is: One seen has a dude ride a ski jet straight into megalodon’s giant jaws. Pitiful. Gotta stop inflicting this kind of stuff on myself. It has to be more harmful than smoking – right?

An exciting scene

Shark attack 3 Posted by Hello

But don’t worry the dude in the sub got out while the sub was still in the megalodon’s mouth- used the sub as a target for a torpedo and blew the megalodon to smithereens (did’t seen any shark carcass though so there’s like to be a Shark Attack 4).

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