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The Big Brass Alliance was formed in May 2005 as a collective of progressive bloggers who support After Downing Street, a coalition of veterans’ groups, peace groups, and political activist groups formed to urge that the U.S. Congress launch a formal investigation into whether President Bush has committed impeachable offenses in connection with the Iraq war. The campaign focuses on evidence that recently emerged in a British memo containing minutes of a secret July 2002 meeting with British Prime Minister Tony Blair and his top national security officials.

Follow the link to sign up.


As Pam says, setting up activism channels like BBA, and maintaining an individual blog and a group blog (and doing a FT day job) are a lot to juggle. Building community is totally worth it, and I’m passionately dedicated to Shakespeare’s Sister, Big Brass Blog, and the Big Brass Alliance.

Even though I don’t have tons of costs associated with Shakespeare’s Sister, there are some more significant costs associated with Big Brass Blog. Forming this alliance has taken up my every waking moment for the last week, and if I’m going to be able to stick with a job that gives me lots of opportunity to continue down this road, I need some help at the moment. I don’t look at this as a profit-making enterprise; I’m just down to a choice between the time to continue this effort and enough money to survive.

So the tip jar’s to the left. If you can spare it, I’d appreciate it.

Right at the moment I’m strapped for cash but I still gave $5.00 (it’s all I have till payday). Please go and help however you can


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  1. I dropped a little in the jar, too. I’m on Amazon using a different user name, though. Ha – I wonder if that email address will get the brass blog email, too.

  2. You lost the election — get over it…

  3. Anonymous – simply because Kerry lost the last election does not mean we should forget about future elections. Nor does it mean we should forget our principles and accept the extremist views of the people currently dragging the Republican party off a really big cliff. As citizens of the US we are obligated – it is our civic duty – to do whatever is in our power to make our country a better place. You may choose to ignore some of the horrible things being done in your name – but I will not, I have to much love for the Constitution and the principles this country was founded on, I have to much love for this country to stand idly by while cynical panderers run it to ruin. You may choose, if you wish, to simplify the Brass Alliance to mere sour grapes whining about a previous election, but it is really about returning this countries government to a path of morality, integrity and trust in the rule of law.

  4. Good answer, Afarensis. You put it the proper perspective.

  5. Thanks! I don’t think anonymous stuck around to read it though.

  6. Hi, I just saw your post and added you to our blogswarm list.

  7. Thanks! I’ve been adding links to members of the BBA and have more to add myself. I should probably just copy somebody elses list – be a lot easier.

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