Republicans Should Go Back to Knitting Their Tea Cozies

So says Athenae at First-Draft:

Every time a Republican goes on TV talking about how Howard Dean hurt their widdle feelings, Joe Biden should be talking about how if they can’t stand up to Howard Dean, how can Republicans stand up to the terrorists? Man, what a bunch of useless wimps, right, Timmy Russert? Give old Tim a punch to the shoulder because it’s all fun and games here on the Democratic side of the aisle, all beers and bratwursts and ballgames and slapping cocks on the table while the Republicans are over there knitting tea cozies and fluffing their petticoats.

A must read!

While at First-Draft be sure to read This post on the Boeing Scandal

Boeing executives later pressed subcontractors to call the White House, and met with Andrew H. Card Jr., the White House chief of staff, who backed the deal.

Intrigued? Go read the entire post.

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