Culture of Life cuts Money for Foster Care

From The St. Louis Post-Dispatch

The Kirgbaums’ bad news is shared by the adoptive parents and guardians of an estimated 5,800 children.

Under budget cuts initiated by Gov. Matt Blunt, each of the families must prove that their incomes are low enough to qualify for the monthly checks. Once that process is complete, the state estimates that benefits to about 2,000 children will be cut by the end of August.

For years, the Kirgbaums and any other parent who adopts a child from foster care have been entitled to the monthly checks, as well as Medicaid services and help paying for day care. The payments are seen as an incentive to spur adoption, particularly of children with special needs.

But under the budget cuts, the payments will now go only to families earning less than 200 percent or 250 percent of the poverty level. The lower cutoff would amount to an income of about $38,700 for a family of four.
The means test is designed to control the program’s cost, which has been adding hundreds of families a year. The cut is also designed to save the state $12 million this year, helping to fulfill Blunt’s vow to balance the budget without tax increases.

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Also unclear is whether parents will continue receiving money to cover child care. That depends on whether Blunt signs a budget bill under review by his staff.

Child care is crucial for Jackie Kirgbaum, who faces the loss of the monthly support checks. As it is, the family uses the subsidy to pay its day care expenses.

Without the money, she wonders how she’ll pay for appropriate care for her son, whose special needs require professional supervision.

“I would hate to pull him out of day care, but I’m not sure what options I have,” she said.

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Christian values at their finest!

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  1. Why don’t they think of all the different cultures of life? Why must they make the worst problems for the downtrodden? I’m quite disgusted.

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