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As some of you may be aware I am currently trying to put together a new blog aimed, primarily at junior high and high school students (as well as anyone who is not familiar with evolution). Go here and here for more details. I have chosen a site on blogsome. It allows for multiple contributors and moderated comments among other things. The site is Transitions: The Evolution of Life

I am currently seeking the following:
1) Contributors (email me at and I will set you up as an author)
2) Links to interesting posts (can be oldies but goodies from your archives) or web sites – can include pictures or movies (see the post at Transitions on elephant shrews for examples)
3) Several people in the comments sections have mentioned interactive features – which sounds good to me so send me your suggestions or links on that as well
4) Advice from teachers, scientists and students and experienced bloggers (my youngest daughter has been assigned the task of talking to her friends at school to find out what would interest them, for example)
5) PR – it helps if people have heard of us. To that end I think some posts should be submitted to places like the Friday Ark from Transistions along with maybe some cross posting for various carnivals like the Tangled Bank
6) One commenter suggested a question of the week area so having a pool of people we can draw on for answers would be good
7) I have been playing around with some of the features of the software and will be doing the first official post tomorrow (on elephant evolution) so as of then we are “live”
Have I missed anything? Left anything out?


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  1. Unscrewing the Inscrutable had a neat post Fri. on cat evolution – with wildcat kitten pics! and Smilodon (shudder). If he was willing to rewrite it a bit, that might be good for the new blog . .

    Dan S.

  2. Yes I saw that. I had the same thought myself. He has also done a really excellent series on human evolution. I’ll have to pay him a visit and see if he’s interested in contributing.

  3. On my ‘to-do’ list is a post on avian brood parasitism, either a piece on Yellow Warblers and how they have managed this threat, or “in defense” of Brown-headed Cowbirds. This is a popular theme with people, should work well for students. I’ll bump it up higher, and let you know when you can link to it.

  4. Would you consider cross posting if I gave you access?

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