Culture of Life Hates Fresh Fruit!

From an article in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch Missouri Cuts Vouchers Used to Buy Produce At Farmers Markets:

The state has eliminated a program that gave low-income mothers and older adults vouchers to use on produce at farmers markets, affecting not just the people who lost the coupons, but farmers who say they’ve lost thousands of dollars in revenue.

This is the way it worked:

The program provided six $3 coupons to low-income mothers each summer and 10 $3 coupons to low-income older adults. Last summer, 37,700 Missourians bought more than $426,000 worth of produce using the coupons.

The state spent $110,000 on the program last year, Gonder said. In addition, $417,466 came from the federal government.

The idea was that people could take these vouchers to Farmers Markets and buy a lot more fresh fruits and vegetables than what one could buy at a grocery store.
What is going to take the place of the program?

…the hope is that the private sector will take it over.

In other words, nothing is going to take the place of the program. Apparently, the culture of life values embryos over the poor and heaven help those embryos that are born into poverty because the christians that are running Missouri won’t!

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