The Leave No Child Behind Teach Evolution Carnival, or DarkSyd Comes Through!

DarkSyd has allowed me to post two of his finer efforts at Transitions: The Evolution of Life. Please go visit his site and thank him!
With that, as well as the post by John Wilkins at Evolving Thoughts, in mind I am, probably presumptuously, creating a new Carnival:

The carnival will be posted when I receive enough (two or more) submissions. The submissions should be along the following lines: the evolutionary history of a species, the simple example or explantaion of an evolutionary phenomena (natural selection and the beaks of Darwin’s finches for example), links to interesting interactive websites concerning evolution, etc.
You can get them to me in any of three ways: leave a link on any post at this site, email the entire post to and I will post it (giving proper attribution to the author(s)), post them at Transitions (if interested email me and I will send you a username and password – but you would be under no obligation to be a regular contributor).

I would like to stress that these posts should be written in a manner easily understandable by junior high and high school students (and by people who are unfamiliar with evolution and science).

As I write this I have four other people who have signed up to contribute on a regular basis.


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  1. I commend you all on the Transitions blog. That takes a lot of time and work. It is a great service to the readers!

  2. Yes – I’ll shortly behaving an episode myself!

  3. Transitions is a great idea. The carnival, too, may force us to sit down and write readable posts about evolution. Before you finalize the carnival idea, though, read this for info on what works:

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