The Culture of Life has Confusing Rules

Liberal hunting permit Posted by Hello

Creek Running North has a post about the above picture. He also links to a excellent post on the same subject by Orcinus

So, if I understand the rules correctly, Dick Durbin has to apologize for comparing torture at Gitmo to…well other folks who engage in torture. Yet the above kind of hatered and villification of liberals is okay?

P.S. afarensis is a bit of a fiesty liberal. His response is:

Anytime you think you are man enough come on and try to hunt this liberal!

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  1. I was going to post on this as well. Glad to see you did it. Now I won’t have to!
    Ever since Karl Rove did that “blame the liberal” thing last week, I’m beginnint to wonder–What do these people want? Another civil war?

  2. These people forget that not all liberals believe in gun control.

  3. Rexroth’s Daughter – I think what they want is for everyone to think like they do. Never happen but that’s what they are aiming for. What concerns me even more is the implications of this flag burning constitutional amendentment. It looks like a trial run to see if they have control of enough state legislatures to pass a constitutional amendment. If they do watch out. The post by Orcinus was really good and I mainly wrote this post to direct people to it.

    Sailcat46 – Believing in gun control and being anti-gun are two different things. I do know some liberals who own guns and believe in gun control.

  4. They just want to put us in our place. I’ve noticed those true tied in red white and blue Republicans really bash liberals. I think it has something to do with that bastard, Rush Limbaugh, too.

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