An Open Letter to Kit Bond

Dear Kit,
I recently had the misfortune of hearing you speak about the Karl Rove outing of a CIA agent. To no one’s intense surprise, your speech consisted of indiscriminent spewing of RNC talking points. Strangly enough, there was no mention of the fact that Karl Rove did indeed “out” a CIA agent. Nor was their any outrage about the damage done to our National Security by Karl Rove outing a CIA agent. Instead we were the unfortunate listeners to a smear campaign – most of which had nothing whatever to do with the fact that Karl Rove outed a CIA agent during a time when the nation is at war(in case I haven’t mentioned that). I guess September 11th changed concepts of right and wrong, in addition to everything else (thus making it okay to out a CIA agent and harm national security).
Son, let me be blunt (and I don’t mean our unesteemed governor either – cause he ain’t that damn popular either): Karl Rove outed a CIA agent, which the last time I checked was illeagal – even for republicans hellbent on doing in their enemies (which, as I understand it consists of everyone who doesn’t vote for them). See, the law applies to everybody equally or it means nothing. Just to refresh your memmory, we Missourians are proud to have voted for a dead guy and we expect at least the same level of performance and competence, displayed by the dead guy, from you. Although I don’t like repeats on tv, the vote can be repeated – we can vote for dead guys instead of you! Straighten up and act like you have some morals.
Proud Voter for Carnahan

2 Responses

  1. Kit Bond doesn’t care. He’s going to retire, soon. I believe Blunt plans to run for that seat.
    Good on you, though, to let your feelings be read!

  2. Not sure why my response didn’t show up. At any rate I’ll say it again. I agree Bond doesn’t care – felt good to vent though. Let’s hope Blunt doesn’t he’s been a disaster as governor!

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