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The above is a spotted skunk. Years ago when I was in junior high I was incredibly truant and got thrown into a minimum security juvenile institution. In the meantime, my oldest sister had started hanging around with a lady who taught a continuing ed course on animals and animal behavior. Because of that we had amassed quite a collection of animals – most of which are now ileagal (something I agree with). They all came from other people who had gone out and bought the cute furry animal – then when it became mature and started acting like a wild animal they started looking for ways to get rid of them. WHich is how we ended up with them.
I was woken up around 3:30 by the night attendent. He just kept babeling aboput how he had opened the door to get some fresh air and “IT” had walked in and climbed into a trash can. He knew I had some experience with wild animals so he needed me to get “IT” out of the “cottage”. So I got up and went to take a look. Turns out “IT” was a spotted skunk. After finding a lid and putting it on the trash can I carried the trashcan outside about 100 feet from the cottage. Then I slowly tipped the trash can over and took off the lid. After retiring to a “safe” distance I turned to look and see what would happen. After about a minute the skunk slowly walked out of the trash can and walked into the surrounding woods.

The above is a striped skunk. Several years latter I was working for the Humane Society (a big mistake as I refused to euthanise the dogs and cats). One of the guys I worked with had a pet skunk he was trying to get rid of, so I aggreed to take. It had been descented. It was a female striped skunk the guy had named Tinkerbell. First thing I did was change her name to Raison (because she looked like a giant raison). The second thing I did was put her on a diet because she was extremely overweight. She was quite tame and we used to let her out of her cage to run around (as a matter of fact she spent considerably more time out of her cage than in). Occasionally we would “forget” to warn visitors that we had a skunk and on several occasions we had people run from the house when they saw Raison. Years later I moved into an apartment that wouldn’t let me keep the skunk so I gave her to my brother-in=law. She lived for quite a while after that. I think she was about 12 or 13 years old when she passed away. Normally, wild animals do not make good pets and I, personally, am against having wild animals as pets but his is one animal I was glad to share my house with.

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  1. Great skunk stories. So, what kind of wild animals do you have now?
    My sister just told me that a friend of hers flew to Missouri the other day to pick up a wild cat which he paid $1600 for The cat is something (she couldn’t remember what kind) that is illegal to be kept in California (where he was bringing it back to). Is there is big black market in Missouri for wild animals?

  2. I don’t have any wild animals (unless you count my teenage daughters) now. I think there probably is a black market in them here in Missouri – although I couldn’t proove it.

  3. O’er the winter, a bunny died. My 11yo s-daughter brought one of her surviving babes home and we debated keeping it. We decided (oimoi!) to do so and I bought a decent cage.

    The li’l thing sucked up the milk w/ liqui’ kids vitamins in it like nobody’s bizness! I mean it was the size of my fist and I thought it a gonner but, by day 2, it was eating romaigne!

    My wife decided (after speakin’ with friends, etc…) it had to stay in an outside pen and my s-daughter balked and cried. (She knows that I’m not the most adept at carpentry and I would be the one to build the pen. {sigh}) That’s where things stood when I hit the sack (I’m always the first one out for the night…)

    When I ‘woke in the morn’, m’ladies told me they had let the bunny baby go in a nearby woods during the night. Our girl had decided she’d rather it roam free and take its chances then be penned up outside. What kind of pet is kept outside she wonders… as do I actually. Unless it’s a horse or the like.

    I was very proud of her decision and her reasoning process. She’s a great kid.

    Truth is as well, the only wild critter I’ve ever wanted for a pet was a skunk. I met one of the de-pewed stinkers at the nature center in Rocky River Metro Parks when I was a wee-one meself and’ve wanted one e’er since. {sigh} Some day…

    BTW, Raison’s pic is now my desktop wallpaper. Thanks!

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