Forgive Me for I Have Sinned…

No, I have not gone and got myself all religified. I’m still the same cynical smartass who thinks we are descended from monkeys!

You see, I have realized I have done wrong – that is I have spelled a bloggers name wrong. I am refering, of course, to evolgen. I had been spelling it Evolgen, but apparently this is incorrect, so I have corrected it in my blogroll.

I am particularly apalled since a lot of people mispell my name (it’s “afarensis” not Afarensis – let’s be taxonomically correct) and here I go and do the same darn thing to another blogger.



2 Responses

  1. …and you wonder why your blog gets visited by religious types:)

  2. They started showing up after this post. I still have no idea how they are getting here.

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