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Tony at Milkriverblog has a movie meme he would like everyone to participate in. Tony explains:

Now they can name as many as they would like, but i’m asking for only one. They name it in a post, and i’ll check all the blogs and collect the nominees and compile a master list here. They also should challenge their readers to post one also, and then notify me so i can add them to the master list.

I have three I would like to suggest. Two are science fiction, the third may or may not be fantasy.

1)The Phantom from Space. This movie is somewhat ahead of it’s time. It starts with communications engineers looking for the cause of some interference. Along the way they come to the aide of a woman, her husband, and a friend. They had been attacked by a mysterious man with no face. As the police investigate it becomes clear thatt the police and communications engineers are looking for the same thing. A man from outer space. It also becomes clear that what is motivating the aliens behavior is the need to survive. You see his space ship is wrecked at the bottom of the ocean and the only thing he has left is his space suit which is rapidily running out of power, correct atmosphere, etc. The movie was made in 1953 when all men from outer space when all aliens were out to kidnap earth women for nefarious purposes, so it’s sympathetic view is years ahead of it’s time (don’t see it again till Starman or ET).

2)The Magnetic Monster. In the 1950’s most science fiction revolved around bug eyed monsters – either made in the lab or coming from outer space. Although, the magnetic monster was made in a lab it definately did not have bug eyes. The monster of the story is a weird radioactive isotope that sucks down massive amounts of energy and actually reproduces. The heroes of the story have to figure out a way to stop it before it destroys the world. It is a low budgett film by Curt Siodmak that was actually well done – although I don’t think you will find it at any of the movie stores.

3)Secrets of the Roan Innish. What does a ten year old girl and seals have in common? And what’s up with the mysterious “dark” branch of the family? Absolutely phenomenal! Great acting, great cinematography, great story. When it was over I found myself saying “It can’t be over, I want more!” See it if you can.

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  1. Well, yeah, if you’ve watched any good movies, not the normal fare. I don’t watch that many movies so everything I’ve seen, everyone else has too.

    The movies you mention sound pretty entertaining.

  2. Of the three, I would recommend “the Secrets of the Roan Inish” first. It is fantastic.

  3. Hmm. Not exactly obscure by afarensis standards, but a fairly recent Czech film called Otasanek is well worth watching. It’s an adaptation of a children’s fairytale about a childless couple who adopt, care for, and nurse a treestump that looks vaguely human – and which gradually comes to life and in terrifying stop-motion action devours everything it can, including its own parents. Though true to the children’s story it’s really deeply unnerving and very adult, as well as very funny: a black comedy to freak out the child within rather than something to actually let a child watch.

  4. Hmm,
    Sounds like my kind of movie. I’ll have to track it down…

  5. Since you seem to enjoy 50’s SciFi, if you haven’t already, you should probably check out “The Lost Skeleton of Cadavera”

    Here’s a quote: “Betty, you know what this meteor could mean to science? It could mean actual advances in the field of science.”

    Good stuff!

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