Frankenstein Has Tea

I had someone land at my site by doing a Google image search on “Karloff, Tea, Cigarette”. Since I had mentioned on my Halloween post that this was one of my favorite pics, here it is:

The picture was taken on the set of Frankenstein during a break in filming. Note Boris Karloff is holding a tea cup in his right hand and Colin Clive has a cigarette in his mouth and is in the process of striking a match. The juxiposition of the image of Frankenstein (brutal, mindless murderer – or at least he is often portrayed that way) with the tea cup is priceless.

2 Responses

  1. Looks like he enjoyed a spot of tea between murders…

  2. Exactly, it’s like “I’ll just have a spot of tea, then nip out and rip someones arm off”

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