Intelligent Design and the Need for Jesus

Dembski says:

God, as understood by the world’s great monotheistic faiths, is an infinite personal transcendent creator. The designer responsible for biological complexity, by contrast, need only be a being capable of arranging finite material objects to display certain patterns. Accordingly, this designer need not even be infinite. Likewise, that designer need not be personal or transcendent (cf. the “designer” in Stoic philosophy).

That being the case, would that mean we are not created in gods image and that Jesus didn’t die for our sins? Wouldn’t that mean the bible was fallible. SHouldn’t we then worship the non-infinite, non-transcendent material arranger? I’d really like to see Dembski discuss the theological implications for christianity behind that statement!

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  1. The bugaboo here is “by contrast.” Dembski does not really mean contrast, he means that the Intelligent Creator need only be a sub-set of the “God, as understood by the world’s great monotheistic faiths.” Obviously, Dembski is trying to put space between the god he really thinks is the creator and the more limited god that he hopes will pass the “it’s not religion test.”

  2. Yes,
    It’s an “ignore the man behind the curtain” kind of argument that tries to create some space,that looks secular, between christianity and the designer. The comments to his post were amusing in that regard. You know “ID has nothing to do with christianity, Hallelujah and praise Jesus”

  3. It’s a precursor to playing the “First Cause” shell game.

    OK, the one that designed humans doesn’t have to be God – but then who designed the designers? Obviously we then have to push it a step further back, and so on, until we hit something that *is* transcendent.

    Maybe the Vorlons made us, but God made the Vorlons.

  4. Which gets back to the point I was making. Do we worship Vorlons? They made us, but wait, God made the Vorlons so we should worship him too? Are the Vorlons just angels? It’s a theological nightmare.

  5. I lean toward the Flying Spaghetti Monster, but I like spaghetti.

  6. Then you should love my post on Tanukis!

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