My International Readers

There is a post over at Pharyngula comparing international readership on liberal vs. conservative blogs . Here are my stats. I’m happy to note that 44% of my visitors came from overseas.

56 56.57% United States United States
7 7.07% United Kingdom United Kingdom
6 6.06% Denmark Denmark
6 6.06% Canada Canada
4 4.04% Ireland Ireland
4 4.04% Australia Australia
4 4.04% Netherlands Netherlands
4 4.04% Czech Republic Czech Republic
2 2.02% Taiwan Taiwan
2 2.02% India India
1 1.01% Sweden Sweden
1 1.01% Switzerland Switzerland
1 1.01% Puerto Rico Puerto Rico
1 1.01% Germany Germany

2 Responses

  1. 4.04% from the Czech Rep? Who else is out there?

  2. I think it’s the same person. For example I just checked and had four visitors from the Czech Republic. Looking at it a little closer it was one person who visited my blog four times. I think sitemeter counts each pageload in those stats. So even though you visited my blog once, if you looked at more than one post you get counted more than once

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