A Cure for Gassy Cows?

No, really! Scientist in the UK (those daffy Brits) are working on decreasing methane emissions from cows:

Cows belching and breaking wind cause methane pollution, but British scientists say they have developed a diet to make pastures smell like roses — almost.

“In some experiments we get a 70 percent decrease (in methane emissions), which is quite staggering,” biochemist John Wallace told Reuters in a telephone interview.

At least they didn’t take the New Zealand approach:

In New Zealand the government in 2003 proposed a flatulence tax, with methane emitted by farm animals responsible for more than half the country’s greenhouse gases. The plan was ultimately withdrawn after widespread protests.

4 Responses

  1. I kind of remember an article clamming that someone was working a genetically engineered cow that would fox the same problem. Not sure where (or if) I saw it.

  2. I vaguely remember hearing something similar too.

  3. I’ve heard that Ronald Reagan blaimed cows for global warming, but at least there was no suggestion of a “flatulance tax”. Quite amusing.

    How about taxing the other kind of gas causing global warming????

  4. Yeah, that would work for me.

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