The Dover Lawyers

Others have already mentioned this article on Eric Rothschild and Stephen G. Harvey – the lawyers who were instrumental in the Dover Trial. There are two sentences in the article that I find fascinating:

The next scheduled talk, and by no accident, will be in Kansas, where an intelligent design battle is brewing.

Rothschild and Harvey said they feel connected to this controversy and will not stop their involvement with it now that the case is over.

“It’s not the last you’ve heard from me and Steve on this,” Rothschild said.

I don’t know what their future plans are in this regard, but I am happy to see them say that. I’ve read all the testimony and cross exams, some of the amicus briefs and the entire decision. I am not a lawyer, or legal expert, but all I can say is that the trial was a work of art.

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  1. I am _so_ glad the next round will be in Kansas.

  2. I am _so_ glad the next round will be in Kansas.

  3. I think the next round will either be in GA (the CObb County appeal) or Ohio. At any rate it looks, to me, like there is a need for lawyers with experience in trying these types of cases. Which is why I think Rothschild and Harvey’s continued interest in this issue is a good thing.

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