Google Has Me Conflicted

Fresh off telling the feds to stick it Google is now helping the Chinese government engage in censorship. If they help the Chinese government censor searches how long will it be before they help the US government. It’s a slippery slope…

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  1. i’m in no way defending google but i do think they really had little choice. it seems it was either remove references to things like falun gong, tibetan independence, the Tiananmen Square Massacre et. or be blocked by the great firewall of china. chinese internet users are still better off with google-lite than with no google at all (and there’s always ways to circumvent the firewall). as a publically traded company, google also has a commitment to it’s share holders – with china being one the biggest growing economies it would not look good not to have at least small foothold there.
    it does set a worrying precedent though and google could have gone about this in a different way (though, i don’t know how). however, i’m not ready to write them off quite yet…

  2. If the US government *ordered* Google to censor results, it would do it.
    The subpoena was actually a very minor matter, and not some great act of defiance.
    I have an article about its origins, at a Google website:
    The Google Search Subpoena in Perspective

  3. I run a web site and I’ve already started getting getting emails from Chinese users that live abroad and Chinese Americans to pull the Google search bar from my web site due to Google’s deal.

  4. Why not concentrate on preventing this little number?
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  5. Greg – Interesting story. I’m still trying to untangle a lot of the bill, but yes, when I have a little time to do some research I’ll do a post on it.

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