ID “Survey”

Added Later: krauze is claiming some sort of conspiracy about the poll he sent out. So let me clear it up for him, we did not receive marching orders from Elsberry. The response was the same because we all recognize a poorly designed survey (you didn’t mention choice H: ‘Intelligent design’ is a subset of the arguments previously labeled ‘creation science’ in your post, by the by) when we see one. Perhaps you should take a class in survey design….
I can’t speak for the rest of the science bloggers, but I do not mind the “scientific method” being applied to me, I just thought the survey was a transparent attempt at manipulation and the way the outcome is being spun kind of confirms that opinion. Word games seem to be the only thing ID has produced…

Like others I received the survey as well. I choose to cut and paste choice “H” presented by John. Apparently, I’m a non-conformist…
Anyway, I was watching Ghostbusters when some of the odd wording of the survey popped into my head.

You have been contacted because you contribute to a blog which has been identified as a “pro-science blog”.

says the email.
I will confess that my blog is most definately “pro-science” but this is where it gets interesting:

I am conducting a survey on outsiders’ perception of intelligent design

[emphasis mine – afarensis]
If Krauze is saying I am pro-science and an ID outsider, doesn’t that imply that Krauze thinks ID is not pro-science?

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