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Long time readers of my blog have had to suffer quite a few pleas for links to science journals – specifically links to journals dealing with evolution. Consequently, I have accumulated quite a large number of them (linked to under “The Evil Darwinian Orthodoxy” in my side bar – note to ID proponents and other creationists this is called sarcasm and should not be construed as a true description). This is, in part, my own humble attempt to help promote knowledge of science. Recently, I discovered that some scientists make some, or all, of their papers available on their websites (in hindsight I’m not surprised) and have been adding links to those as well (they are waydown almost at the bottom of my sidebar) whenever I find them. To that end, if anybody out there knows of scientists who have made their science articles freely available leave me a comment. Examples of the kind of thing I am looking for can be found here and here.
Which brings me to my next point. Because I have accumulated such a large collection of links my sidebar is getting cluttered. At this point I am thinking of leaving 5-10 of each (and here I am reffering specifically to the science journals and individual web pages – not my blog roll) in my sidebar. The rest would be moved to an entry that would be linked to in the sidebar… I am open to suggestion…but bear in mind I’m not a technogeek so please keep it simple.


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  1. I (a budding computer scientist) have recently started reading biology papers, and I was surprised to find that biologists often don’t make all of their papers available on-line.

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