A. V. Kidder, Charles Lindbergh and Pictures from Space

In early October of 1929 an unlikely team of people set out from Belize to look for Mayan ruins. The team was lead by A. V. Kidder – one of the most dominant figures in Americanist archaeology. Joining the team was Charles Lindbergh – yes, that’s right “Lucky Lindy” world famous aviator from Missouri. Lindbergh had become interested in the role of aviation in archaeology when he discovered several sights from the air – during his numerous travels. So he spent five days flying across the Yucatan with A. V. Kidder and William Van Dusen (A rep from Pan American Airways). Along the way they discovered some interesting sights. Unfortunately, the Lindbergh-Carnegie flights were quite crude in terms of methodology so the whole thing fell far short of initial expectations You can consult Flights Into Yesterday for more info. I was reminded of the above story by this story of the discovery of a Mayan ruin via the use of satellite data.

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