Casey Luskin Looks in Mirror, Fails to Recognize Self

Over at Evolution News & Views we have Luskin whining:

Today New York Times reporter Kirk Johnson totally misrepresented what I said in his article “Anti-Darwin Bill Fails in Utah.”

and later:

He put words in my mouth making it sound as if we were completely dismissive of the legislative and policy issues in Utah — on the contrary we followed this issue, even though we weren’t directly involved. He even admitted as much in an e-mail this morning asking for a correction.

and then there is this:

The sad thing here is that it seems that Johnson’s preconceived notions about reality affected journalism.

Yet Casey himself is not above doing the same thing when his “…preconceived notions about reality …” affected his (mis) interpretation of Erwin and Valentine’s paper.
Even Chimps can recognize themselves in the mirror says I.

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