Red Knot Update

The Red Knot is a small bird the winters in Tierra del Fuego and Breeds in Canada. Along the way it stops in various places in North America where it feeds on horshoe crab eggs. Unfortunately:

These eggs are being harvested unsustainably (for use as bait for conch and eels), and unless an emergency moratorium on harvesting is implemented, the results could be disastrous for shorebirds, especially the Red Knot.

What can you do?
Go to bootstrap analysis and be educated on the issue, then follow the links and sign the petition – I did!

The above was written on 6/21/05. Today Yahoo news is reporting that the Red Knot has received the help it needs:

After a sometimes contentious meeting that pitted the state and environmentalists against fishermen who have plied the bay for years, the state Marine Fisheries Council — by a 7-3 vote — chose not to veto proposed rules from the Department of Environmental Protection that would implement a two-year moratorium on horseshoe crab harvesting.
The vote removes the last major hurdle for the moratorium to go into effect. It is designed to protect the red knot, which feeds on horseshoe crab eggs and, according to some, may soon be on the verge of extinction.

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