Politics: More Republican Corruption and a Bad Sex Education Bill

The St. Louis Post Dispatch has another fine example of Republican corruption:

A prominent attorney pleaded guilty Monday to charges that he defrauded the Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District out of $45,190 when he was its lawyer, and that he failed to pay taxes on about $540,000 of income 2002.
Charles E. Polk Jr., 45, of the 3400 block of Tiverton Drive in St. Charles, made the pleas in U.S. District Court in St. Louis to one count of interstate transportation of funds obtained by fraud and one count of tax evasion.
In so doing, Polk avoided trial on the other 21 counts of the indictment, which alleged several fraud schemes as well as four other tax counts claiming he failed to pay taxes on an additional $1.4 million in income over four years.

Here are some of Polk’s other activities:

Prosecutors said Polk’s 2002 income included $382,000 paid to him by James Helenthal, a former Quincy, Ill., newspaper publisher who paid Polk the sum as an investment in a plan to file suit or lobby for benefits on behalf of victims of the Oklahoma City bombing.
Polk’s activities in Oklahoma City prompted criticism, as some survivors claimed he had thrown around his connections to then-Attorney General John Ashcroft to try to convince people to hire him. Polk was emcee at Ashcroft’s swearing-in ceremony in Washington in March 2001.
After the Oklahoma City effort collapsed, Helenthal filed a suit claiming that Polk had defrauded him. Last month a St. Louis County judge ruled that Polk must pay Helenthal $3.6 million.

In the meantime a bad bill on sex education is working it’s way through the Missouri Legislature. Among other things the bill would have referred students to their physicians for information on contraceptives, rather than discussing it in class, change from opt out to opt in (in other words you would need a parents note to take the class rather than a parent’s note to not take it).
Here are two quotes from the article:

Rep. Melba Curls, D-Kansas City, said the parental-consent measure would hurt children whose parents are not involved enough to return a form. In other cases, she said, consent forms might get lost.

And now one from Cynthia Davis, creationist whackjob:

The bill’s sponsor, Rep. Cynthia Davis, R-O’Fallon, said she was shocked to learn from her son that he was taught at school how to put on a condom. Davis said she was unaware the class was taking place.

Emphasis in the above quotes is mine…

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