ABC Meme: Apparently, If All the Other ScienceBloggers Jumped Off A Bridge, I Would Too

Since all the other bloggers are doing I guess I will too…

Accent: Midwestern – although I lived in Tennessee I was forntunate enough to escape without picking up the accent (much to the dismay of my wife and children who picked up the southern accent with in months of being there).
Booze: Rum! Yo Ho, me hearties!
Chore I Hate: Mowing the lawn – last year or so it makes me sneeze.
Dog or Cat: Currently, Cat, Fire Bellied Toad, Hermit Crab. Previously, Skunk, ferrets, rabbits, crows, snakes (wide variety), kinkajous, caoti mundies, raccoons, catarrhines and platyrrhines (See RPM I am a real cladist) of various types…Oh, and I shared a house in Tennessee with some Brown Recluses (not by choice).
Essential Electronics:Computer, DVD player
Favorite Cologne: Deathly allergic.
Gold or Silver: I don’t have a preference.
Hometown: St. Louis.
Insomnia: Quite frequently.
Job Title: Yeah, I gota get me one of those
Kids: Two, although my wife says three (something about husbands being the equivalent of children).
Living arrangements: Nice two-story house in St. Louis
Most admirable traits: Pretty laid back – don’t rattle easily. Healthy dose of skepticism
Not going to cop to: I can’t really think of anything
Overnight hospital stays: Several, Once due to a car accident, one due to staph infection.
Phobias: Heights, Being winked at by sharks (seriously, it creeps me out), flamming extroverts
Quote: “Loyalty to petrified opinion never broke a chain or freed a human soul…” Mark Twain
Religion: No thanks, I use toilet paper. Anthropologically interesting though.
Siblings: Three sisters – all older – feh, don’t get me started.
Time I wake up: Depends, when I’m employed 6 ish, otherwise a triffle later.
Unusual talent or skill: Being a good primate, I can pick stuff up with my toes
Vegetable I love: Toss up between asparagus (sans glop) and potatoes
Worst habit: Procrastination (my wife calls me manyana boy – have no idea how to make the sign over the N so I apologize for the spelling). This word seems to be a theme in the ScienceBlog posts
X-rays: Most of my body after the accident.
Yummy foods I make: BBQ
Zodiac sign: Leo, although it’s total BS

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  1. I read an article in Discover once about kinkajous. I think the tagline was something like, “They’re cute but they make terrible pets, up all night and can’t be housebroken”. As for the platyrrhines, what species did you keep? I used to help out with a marmoset captive breeding program and they’re cute little guys. Apt to pee on you but quite adorable nonetheless.

  2. Zodiac sign?

    Some girl with psychic powers
    says ‘T-Bone, what’s your sign?’
    I blink and answer ‘Neon!’
    I thought I’d blow her mind

    T-Bone, Existential Blues.
    (No, I didn’t try to check those lyrics against one of those repulsive lyrics sites.)
    It seems that every few months, I encounter someone who thinks they can guess my ‘sign’ based on my behavior. I generally make a game out of it, and try to see how many wrong guesses they make before getting it right. 7-9 seems typical (yeah, I know, higher than what pure chance would predict … but I don’t keep records) . I think the most wrong guesses is 15. (Yes, some people forget what guesses they have already made.)

  3. Catarrhines? Once the object of affection for a 7 year old girl.

  4. CK – Most of the animals we kept (except the snakes) came via rescue. The kinkajou is a case in point. The previous owner had kept it in a cage not much bigger than it was for ten years. Poor thing was quite psychotic when we received it. We put it in a much bigger cage and it eventually calmed down to the point we feed it with out risking life and limb. In terms of platyrrhines we had – over the course of years – two spider monkeys, two wooly monkeys and a nasty little squirrel monkey…

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